Aircraft Windows

61 With Gentex dimmable aircraft window systems, passengers can enjoy expansive views from their seats, without annoying glare, for a feeling of openness in the cabin. Alternately, they can select to darken the window system completely at their seat to keep light out.

Our aircraft windows are relatively lightweight and self-contained with no moving parts, making them easy to maintain. An electronically dimmable panel is installed between the inboard dust cover and outboard structural cabin window. A window-seat controller allows the passenger to activate the system and change the amount of visible light entering the cabin. They can opt to maximize it, minimize it, or select an intermediate setting. Passengers see only a stylish window and control button. If desired, the interactive devices can be linked via the onboard network to allow for flight crew override and continuous monitoring of system performance. Keeping the cabin comfortable, while maintaining climate efficiency, is easy. The transmission of ultraviolet and infrared radiation is greatly reduced, lowering the heat load inside the cabin and enhancing the operating efficiency of the aircraft’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The Technology

55 Our interactive window systems utilize a similar electrochromic formulation to the one used in our proprietary electrochromic technology that Gentex developed for auto-dimming automotive rearview mirrors, using time-tested chemistry and durable device construction. 

Electrochromic technology uses electricity to change the color and light transmission of a transparent medium containing materials that are capable of generating color. This medium is typically sandwiched between two thin transparent layers that have transparent conductive coatings on the side that comes into contact with the medium. In this case, it is an electronic gel medium sandwiched between two thin panels. An electric current is passed into the conductive coatings and across the panel to cause an electrochemical reaction to occur in the gel. Applying a small electrical DC voltage across the gel causes it to darken, while removing the voltage allows the gel to return to its natural, transparent state. The voltage can be precisely controlled and adjusted in small increments to allow for the selection of intermediate states of light transmittance. The Gentex electrochromic technology has the greatest opacity range from light to dark, the highest optical clarity, and allows for the most durable electrochromic devices in the marketplace.