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Gentex specializes in a broad spectrum of technologies and processes to deliver high‐quality products to the automotive industry. Gentex takes pride in providing superior quality and service. Gentex is recognized for its engineering expertise. We can be your resource for product support on everything from simple issues, such as understanding the auto‐dimming function of your mirror, to more complex issues, such as how to program the HomeLink® feature.

Gentex Product Support

Ordering Product

Gentex supplies automotive products only to automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). If you work for an OEM and would like more information on working with Gentex, please visit our contact page, where our regional office phone numbers can be found, and contact your regional office.

If you are interested in purchasing a single mirror, please contact your OEM dealer parts and accessories department to determine available options. You may also purchase a mirror through our aftermarket distributor at

Product Support

Please click on the Product Support FAQs section for assistance.

Note: Auto dealers should contact the OEM technical hotline before submitting an inquiry to Gentex. When seeking additional instructions, always be sure to reference your owner’s manual first. Contact the company/party from whom you purchased your mirror if you have issues with it for any reason.

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