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Gentex has become known for its quick order response and short lead times, with 98 percent of our products arriving on the promised delivery date, which is critical in keeping construction projects on schedule.

We are also recognized for our engineering expertise. We can be your resource for technical support on everything from simple issues, such as how to wire smoke alarms in tandem, to more complex issues, such as proper strobe coverage or smoke detectors wired for elevator recall.

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Gentex products are also designed to help reduce installation, maintenance, and operating costs. Quick-disconnect harnesses and standard electrical box configurations eliminate the need for special adapters. Gentex alarms allow quick and easy testing without the need for smoke generators. In addition, EasyWash smoke alarms and detectors are completely immersible in water for washing away dirt.


All Gentex fire protection products are covered by an extensive warranty. In the unlikely event that a product must be returned, please call for a return material authorization number, or e-mail 

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